Save The ATM

What’s going on?

Please check our blog to find out whats going on and why we need your help. If you’re also joining in and you don’t see yourself on this list below, please let us know: There’s so much going on, we can’t keep track! Thanks so much guys!!!

How can I help?

There are some events organized to raise money, you can find them below. If you want to organize something yourself, great! Send us an email and we’ll add it to this page. If you want to make a donation you can use the paypal button below or send money to our bank account: NL90 RABO 0125 2203 91. (Rabo bank, name of the account: Stichting Blue Bone Society.

Donate to the ATM

26 November

Benefit Artnight, Eyecandy Tattoo, New Orleans, USA

1 December

Kick off SAVE THE ATM, Four – PC Hooftstraat 127, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Eric Perfect & Mike Hooligan, Kadillac Tattoo Deuce – Philadelphia
Norberto Lopez, Tattoo Club Buenos Aires – Argentina
Lucky Bastard and crew, Fine Tattoo Work – California, USA
Steve Godspeed – USA

Dirk Reuter and crew, Leib und Seele – Dorsten, Germany

Chris Sawyer, 808 Tattoo – Hawaii

Under the Needle Tattoos – Seattle, USA

Marco Bratt, Noordwijk, Holland

Joe Vegas – Thunderbolt Tattoo, USA

Luke Wessman, Eddy Ospina, Guy Waisman, Rodrigo Canteras – Wooster Street Social Club, New York City

2 December

Tattoos for history, organized by Tattoo Platform The Netherlands
Solidaridad con el Amsterdam Tattoo Museum! Bogota, Colombia
Heiko Kantelberg, Top Notch – Germany
Eye Candy Nola – New Orleans
Rinto and Danny Boy, Tattoo Rinto – Burgum
Moose Tattoo – Rotterdam
Eric the Thumb and Dave de Crom, Black Wolf Tattooing
Tattoo Rich and Bong – Honolulu Hawaii
Schiffmacher & Veldhoen – Amsterdam
Kiko and friends – Ibiza, Spain
Alex Binnie, Into You – London, UK
Hidden Hand, Seattle, USA
Clay Decker – USA
Saraya Art
Dave Brobrick – San Francisco, USA
Plurabella – USA
Por Vida Tony – Oakland, California, USA
Think – USA
Johnny Stone – USA
Wade Hex – USA
Baba Vintage Tattoo – Los Angeles, USA
Chuey Quintanar, Deer’s Eye Studio – Santa Fe Springs, California, USA
Permanent Mark, Golden Eagle Tattoo – Santa Barbara, USA
Buzzy Jenkins, Fine Tattoo Work – Orange County, California, US
Koolsville Tattoos, Las Vegas, USA
Sol Acatzin – Mexico
Players Club Tattoo, Huntington Beach – California, USA
Jesse Gordon, Inksmith and Rogers – USA
Tattooed Heart, Auckland, New Zealand

3 December

Seven Devils Tattoo, Berlin, Germany
Da Tonk Studio – Groningen, The Netherlands
ACID Tattoo – Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Koolsville Tattoos, Las Vegas, USA

4 December

Curt Baer, Championship Tattoo – Redding, California, USA
William Thidemann, Kaze gallery – Denver USA

6 December

The Preachers Son – Amsterdam

16 December

Jorre (Black Lotus), Joe Dynamite en Vinnie Stones & Sven Rayen (Sin sin) – Antwerp, Belgium
Sparkling Blue Tattoo – Sankt Moritz, Switzerland

Auctions & selling’s

Ron Rijks & Steve Maddock – Alkmaar
Andre van Zomeren, Kintaro Publishing
Zuno Electric
Tattoo Artist Magazine
Bishop Rotary
Sullen Clothing
Color Crimes
John Bentrup
Brian Carr
Chris Earl
Adam Machinttc
Pepe of Viareggio has made a great shirt which he is donating the proceeds to the museum. Pepe & Zunno Electric Tattooing, Vireggio,
Awesome Bosses, Amsterdam
Claudia Hek


16 Responses to Save The ATM

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  7. Adam dorsett says:

    Saturday dec 1st my tattoo and barber shop will be donating all our proceeds to the musuem .fight the power

  8. inge says:

    hey comrades,
    is there a meetingplace decided for the 8:th?
    a couple of Swedes wondering/Inge

  9. Steve Shirley says:

    Doddinghurst Ink. Essex. UK
    Coming to Holland Friday week. Will visit the Museum Sunday.
    Will support all we can.

    Be Lucky

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    • annemarieatm says:

      Thanks so much for your support!!!! It’s really appreciated..
      We’ll have a new website in the near future with coming guest artists. Meanwhile follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for most recent developments.

      Thanks guys down under!!

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