Pop-Up Gallery

20130103-160704.jpgPatience my friends, patience,

“Patience? If I wanted any patience I would have become a fucking doctor” my old friend, Vancouver’s most notorious tattoo friend, used to say.
But nevertheless, hang in there: we are on our way. We negotiate, send letters, get mails, threats, fooled and cheated and the only reason why we keep going is to see what the heck is next. First of all, the fight is not over. The divorce, in fact. With the help of many of you we will open up a pop-up shop with a small gallery, book & merchandise store and a spot for guest tattoo artists. This all coming soon, we’ve just got the keys. Here we will do art shows, run our Blue Bone Society and coordinate the future building of the new Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. Soon all you supporters shall receive a membership card certificate and a shop plate to proof proudly our gratitude. This all as soon as the necessary administration, membership cards and certificates are out of ‘jail’. So stay patience a little bit longer…  Continue reading

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atm-logoUpdate. What’s up at this very moment? We still have no access to the collection. There are no artists working in the museum and the shop is declared a no-go area for the tattoo world. A small group of big shots out of the real museum world and university is negotiating the release of the collection. But the schizo character of the opposite side makes it difficult. we have good hope and are already looking for a new location. Soon we will open up temporary location for our merchandise and office somewhere in town. Meanwhile your support is much appreciated and needed. Stay away the fuck away from the museum! It’s not ours anymore, it’s now in the hand of untattooed people!

Thank everybody who has been incredible generous and has been donating to our funds!

Henk Schiffmacher and crew

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Letter from Texas Schiffmacher

atm-logoThe third international Brussels tattoo convention. A convention I (Texas) look out to every year. Great food, free energy drink (After day 1 that’s a must) live music and weird, but entertaining acts. I accidentally walked passed a girl who was getting her back pierced. Pretty sure I have post traumatic stress disorder. Anyway, my dad asked me to write something small about all the support we received at the convention this year and how we enjoyed our weekend in Brussels. Sounds serious I thought. Which it is. Too bad I don’t do serious. That’s why I decided to end this blog entry with a little anecdote about how me and my friends got drunk in Brussels. We need a little entertainment in these hard times. So stay tuned…  Continue reading

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Videomessage Henk Schiffmacher

Henk explaining how the museum got in this terrible situation and why we need your support! How can you help? Check out this page.

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Letter from Henk Schiffmacher

atm-logoDear comrades at arms,

Things are very much on their way. Every minute, every hour is filled with progression, support, donations, accusations, bad and good news. It is what the elite troops of H.M. Royal SAS call: “It is rather lively!”. I freely use the quote because of my family connection with this corps to the late Jerry Walters a.k.a. Permanent Dad, “who dares wins”. Enough popular talk, next to an update. I’d like to answer first a few of the questions that raise. One and most asked: what the fuck is happening? Why? What went wrong? How come? Therefore I will update you all with videos. The first one will come up in a few hours!!  Continue reading

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What Happened?

atm-logoDear comrades!

First of all we are overwhelmed by the support we’re receiving from all over the world!! We can’t thank you enough. Here’s a little history about the museum. What happened and how come it is like it is now.

Henk’s been collecting tattoo related stuff for over 35 years, he knows a lot about the history and is very passionate about the legacy. Especially nowadays, when about everyone can buy a tattoo machine from the Internet and start tattooing without knowing shit…  Continue reading

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A Letter From Louise Schiffmacher

atm-logoDear supporters,

It’s heartwarming to see you all jump in to help in this absurd situation! Personally I am so so grateful. I never saw Henk this defeated but then you all jumped in. I want to ask you please continue as long as it takes cause the four years of sitting around tables, planning, drawing, looking for a building, endless conversations and in the end only three months to complete the best we could before the opening last year. All your work, all your donations in cash or art, wow we couldn’t believe our happiness. I for one was, still am, so proud of what Henk and all our supporters achieved together with our international tattoo family which became larger, better and way less political…  Continue reading

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Save The ATM

We want to thank all the support we’ve been receiving from all over the world. Here’s a list of people and shops who’ve been contributing so far. It ain’t over yet, the fight has just begun… Thank you very much everyone!!! If there’s names missing on this list, please let us know, we’ll add them ASAP…

Click here to donate to the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum
Donate to the ATM
Continue reading

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