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16th July 2013: This week we received a note from the city council that we are still in the running for the Oosterkerk in Amsterdam as a new possible location for the Tattican. We’ll keep you informed on this!
Meanwhile, our pop up shop at the van Woustraat is doing great. With the help of our resident artists Danny Boy, Tiziana and Dan Dringenberg and several guest artists like Chris Garver, Lucky Bastard, Sousyu and later this year we expect visits from Indio Reyes, Bong Padilla, Tattoo Rich, Tim Hendricks, Corey Miller and Ami James. Please like our Facebook page or follow us on instagram for updates.

On February 28th we opened a pop up store at the van Woustraat 78 in Amsterdam. You can find lots of tattoo (related) books here and we have our crew Hanky Panky, Danny Boy, Tizi and Chris Danley tattooing with us. We will have some great guest artists working with us in the future. We’ll have a new website in the near future with coming guest artists. Meanwhile follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for most recent developments.

The situation of the museum is still very complicated. The woman who was supposed to be our financier is bankrupt and there’s a curator now in the museum and they’re still figuring out who owns what. In the meantime we still cannot enter the museum or take the collection away. Every time they postpone the date the collection is released because of difficulties. However it should last no longer than one month.
Thanks to all the fundraising, individual people, but also big events all over the world, we could afford a lawyer. This is very important as we didn’t want to lose the collection because of legal matters. We expect to get the collection back at least and that is the most important thing. And we could afford to start a new pop up shop in honour of the museum. We have a great book selection and a tattooshop. Our museum office is also in this place. Without the help of this great tattoo family, this could not have been possible. We realize this every day and are very grateful to all contributing! We still need financial support, as we still get bills from the lawyer and if we want to open up a new museum, we’ll have to raise a bunch to rent a new place, renovate, etc etc…

We have no direct contact with the company and the woman who threw us out of the museum. We don’t know how this legally works, but the police won’t let us enter either. It’s called “intrusion’ and the person who rents the building doesn’t want you to come in has the rights to refuse you. The crazy situation now is that nor the owner of the building and the owner of the collection (Henk) are allowed in the building and the person who rents it but doesn’t pay her bills is allowed to stay there. Something about Dutch law….

We know a lot of people are wondering what the hell is going on and why they don’t hear anything anymore. The truth is: at some point we almost lost faith in ever getting the collection back. We were very confused and it was very hard to continue the fight. At that moment we couldn’t inform you, because we didn’t have a clue what was going on and were afraid we could only deliver really bad news. But thanks to all the support and love we received from you guys, we got the spirit back and have good hopes now! A very very big thank you!!!!

And people who donated, please send us your address and email, we will eventually send you something from the Blue Bone Society as soon as we can enter the museum!

If you’re in Amsterdam, please come and visit our shop: van Woustraat 78.
Much love and respect from the ATM/Blue Bone Society crew,

Henk, Louise, Annemarie, Chris, Danny Boy, Yushi and Tiziana

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51 Responses to News

  1. Hennie says:

    helpt het op dit moment nog een klein beetje als ik lid zou worden van jullie Blue Bone Society?

  2. Wat vreselijk! En ik wilde hier zo graag stage lopen!
    Hoop dat alles goed komt. Het tattoo museum mag niet weg!

  3. Niels says:

    8 december…. wat, wie en waar ???

    • tattoomuseum says:

      Hi Niels, we hebben nog geen idee… We hopen natuurlijk in ons eigen museum. Als dat niet lukt gaan we op zoek naar een andere en minstens zo leuke locatie. Hopelijk weten we morgen meer! Groeten Tessa

  4. Jan Oosterlee says:

    What about the concert of Cam Penner & Jon Wood?
    Is the concert cancelled or will it go on as planned?
    Please let me know!

  5. Estée says:

    Hopelijk gaat het door op 8 december, dan ben ik jarig en het leek me het perfecte verjaardagcadeau om een bezoekje te brengen aan jullie museum aangezien er iets te doen is. (Zag geen affiche liggen op de Brussel tattoo convention)

  6. Michiel says:

    Over de tattoo sessie in Four in de P.C. Hooftstraat aankomende zaterdag, ik zag dat de minimale leeftijd 18 jaar is. Kan een 17-jarige met toestemming van ouders ook getatoeëerd worden?

  7. Betekent deze hele situatie dat er ook niet getatoëerd kan worden? En wat betekent dat voor de guest tattoo artists die gepland staan? Zelf heb ik al een afspraak met Jondix staan bij jullie in februari..

    Ik zwengel de paypal vanavond nog aan om jullie te sponsoren!!!
    Good luck allen!!!!

    • tattoomuseum says:

      Hoi Paul,
      Ontzettend bedankt voor je support!
      Na dit weekend weten we zeker meer, we houden jullie op de hoogte via het blog!
      Groeten, Tessa

    • annemarieatm says:

      Hoi Paul! Dank je wel voor je support! Als het goed is komt Jondix gewoon en kan je door hem getatoeëerd worden. We weten nog niet waar, maar komt goed! Groetjes, Annemarie

  8. Debbie says:

    Is het museum aanstaande zondag wel geopend??

    • tattoomuseum says:

      Hoi Debbie, tot nu toe is het museum nog geopend, maar we weten niet hoe het dit weekend gaat lopen.
      Zolang we niet op deze website zetten dat het gesloten is kun je ervan uitgaan dat het museum nog geopend is.
      Groeten, Tessa

  9. Sam says:

    Hoi, ik kan nergens duidelijk vinden of het nou zaterdag of zondag is dat iedereen getattoeerd kan worden en kan dat ook in de pc? groetjes

  10. radxnickelx says:

    Are you still having the museum party on December 8?

  11. Ash Thorburn says:

    Hey guys I recently auctioned one of my paintings to raise money for the museum! Just wondering what your pay pal address is so ican transfer the funds across! Thankyou and much respect

  12. Paul says:

    Long time gone without an update? What’s going on? Is there a new strategy? I’m really curious! Hopefully you manage to survive some other way! And oh yeah, is of will there be another temporary place to get a tattoo from one of the (guest)crew?

    Greets and Godspeed!!!

  13. GINA SHERRY says:

    So happy to hear this news! Wish i could be there to celebrate! I contrinuted to the ATM SKETCHBOOK project.. please put me on the list for a guest spot!! I would love an excuse to return to Amsterdam!! Congrats!

  14. vraagje says:

    Hallo ik had een vraag, een tijdje geleden zag ik een paar guest artist’s die de maori tattoo style hanteerde. Weet iemand toevallig hoe deze artiesten heten?

  15. Jamie says:

    I’m coming over to Amsterdam on the 30/01/2013 until the 01/02/2013 will the tattoo museum be open ?

    • tattoomuseum says:

      Dear Jamie,
      Unfortunately not. We’re working hard on opening a pop-up gallery, but the expected opening date is Februari 14th..
      Hope to see you another time!
      Greets, Tessa

  16. Ashley Thorburn says:

    Heu guys I sold a painting I made to donate the money to the museum, where abouts do I send the money? Thankyou

  17. Michael Bennett Kirkhus says:

    Hello. i am a regular guy from Norway! I am going to be in Amsterdam may 18-20th. And i Read about the tattoo museum:shop at the internet. So I would like one if you guys to tattoo a sleeve on my Right arm. Rose, dates,stars,portait ++. If possible i look forward to hear from you:)
    Michael Kirkhus

  18. Ben says:

    Is Corey miller going to be at the museum this year?

    • annemarieatm says:

      HI Ben,
      We’ll see Corey this summer and ask when he can come over to work with us.
      We’ll have a new website in the near future with coming guest artists. Meanwhile follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for most recent developments.

      Cheers, Annemarie

  19. joshua says:

    hey there annemarie, This is joshua. I spoke with you in regards to being there on holiday around the 5th of May and will be bringing hanky a tattoo machine…(it was a month or so ago) I was also wanting to get tattooed while there. my e-mail is
    If you could get back to me at your earliest convenience it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks & Cheers, Joshua

    • annemarie atm says:

      Hey Joshua, Henk is in town I think around that time. Come by the shop! Get some new ink!
      See you soon! Annemarie

  20. Doc Duhon says:

    Want to join Blue Bone Society or whatever I can do that will help to support the museum and your efforts. I can donate from here or I will be in Amsterdam in late April and can stop by. Please advise.

    Doc Duhon

  21. Achille chernouh says:

    Beste luitjes,
    We zijn met een groep van ong 20 personen (allen tourcrew van Justin Bieber) die morgen dinsdagnamiddag een uitstapje gepland hadden naar het tattoo museum maar we Lenen net de vervelende berichten op de site, kunnen we bij jullie wel terecht vanaf 15:00. Ook is Er een grote behoefte van personen om nog tattoos te laten zetten terplaatse, is dit ook mogelijk. Graag een spoedig antwoord daar wij vanuit Antwerpen na de loadin van het materiaal willen komen. Indien nodig kan je me bereiken op 0621810585.
    M.v.g achille chernouh

  22. Crapanzano Marisa says:

    Hierbij mijn grotste steun en dat jullie al je eigendommen kunnen terug krijgen ergens in deze bekrompen wereld is er ook gerechtheid. Heel veel succes gewenst mocht ik van dienst zijn dan hoor ik het wel.
    Liefs Marisa

  23. Josh says:

    Hey I’m traveling around a bit and was looking at getting a tattoo in Amsterdam ..
    Any chance of sending u a few images and getting some thing drawn up ?

  24. Rohan says:

    Hey there how do I go about ordering a book and some patches from you guys? I’m in Germany until the 8th of may and then in the states for a month before going home to New Zealand! The book I’m after is ‘The originals’

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