Hungarian Prison Tattoo Photos From Early 1900s

photo 1*UPDATE* Several people have written us regarding these photos, and it seems that they are Hungarian prison tattoos taken of inmates. The text in most of the photos are the prisoners names, but in some cases the text describes the location of the tattoo, where and why the prisoner was tattooed. The following two comments were sent to our Facebook page and e-mail:

  1. Schmidt Péter Hey! I saw the post that you are looking for info. The photos were taken of Hungarian inmates for their registry. The text is mostly their names but this one here also explains that the owner had it inked in America as a memory about his visit.
  2. Edina Kelemen: These are Hungarian ( I think) prison Tattoos, the texts, are names, and which body part. Some pictures of the coat of arms of Hungary, and other I try to find more informations…

Thanks for sharing… -ATM

If anyone can provide more info about these photos please contact us… The pictures were purchased by the museum in France at an auction. The text with each corresponding photograph was written on the reverse side of each picture…

photo 41photo 31photo 21photo 12photo 11photo 4photo 3photo 2photo 122

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One Response to Hungarian Prison Tattoo Photos From Early 1900s

  1. MM says:

    old hungarian prison tattoos!

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