Pop-Up Gallery

20130103-160704.jpgPatience my friends, patience,

“Patience? If I wanted any patience I would have become a fucking doctor” my old friend, Vancouver’s most notorious tattoo friend, used to say.
But nevertheless, hang in there: we are on our way. We negotiate, send letters, get mails, threats, fooled and cheated and the only reason why we keep going is to see what the heck is next. First of all, the fight is not over. The divorce, in fact. With the help of many of you we will open up a pop-up shop with a small gallery, book & merchandise store and a spot for guest tattoo artists. This all coming soon, we’ve just got the keys. Here we will do art shows, run our Blue Bone Society and coordinate the future building of the new Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. Soon all you supporters shall receive a membership card certificate and a shop plate to proof proudly our gratitude. This all as soon as the necessary administration, membership cards and certificates are out of ‘jail’. So stay patience a little bit longer… 

We will continue our ‘Free the ATM’ activities from this new address and you can visit us again, also we will keep you informed about what we’ll do with your donation. Our crew will participate in support events around the globe. After Rotterdam and Antwerp, we will be in Paris, Sacramento and at the Fuck Cancer benefit for Louise in Huntington Beach California.

We will inform you all soon as we made the real estate deal. And sorry to ask, but please don’t stop supporting. We’re gonna need as much of your help as possible. So do a tat for us once in a while. Organize something. Set something up. Help us.
Let’s make a new museum.

Yours truly,

Hanky Panky


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10 Responses to Pop-Up Gallery

  1. Moose says:

    YES!!! het gaat helemaal goed komen,ik voel het aan me blue bone!!!

  2. johanna koster says:

    Henk en crew,

    Blij te horen met jullie nieuwe stek. getwitterd, fb en instagram stond roodgloeiend, en iedereen op z’ n eigen manier z’n steun betuigd. Ik hoop voor jullie en de tattoo wereld dat dit een mooi niieuw begin mag zijn. Louise vvan harte beterschap

  3. Heel veel succes met de nieuwe gallerie, we komen zeker kijken als die open is.
    ‘groetjes en liefs,

    Luciano Mulder & Sandra Zuidema

  4. Daniel says:

    Hey, I am visiting Amsterdam next week and was looking forward to the museum! Whats happing and is there anything else you guys are doing in which we can visit?


  5. ronald spoor says:

    hou vol!

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