Letter from Texas Schiffmacher

atm-logoThe third international Brussels tattoo convention. A convention I (Texas) look out to every year. Great food, free energy drink (After day 1 that’s a must) live music and weird, but entertaining acts. I accidentally walked passed a girl who was getting her back pierced. Pretty sure I have post traumatic stress disorder. Anyway, my dad asked me to write something small about all the support we received at the convention this year and how we enjoyed our weekend in Brussels. Sounds serious I thought. Which it is. Too bad I don’t do serious. That’s why I decided to end this blog entry with a little anecdote about how me and my friends got drunk in Brussels. We need a little entertainment in these hard times. So stay tuned… 

Back to business. Which I noticed went very good the moment Tin Tin donated the money of this crazy tattoo he did. Shortly after that Dan Sinnes donated the money of a tattoo he did as well. Seriously, next year we should do a ‘Free Texas from her lack of tattoos’ fund thingy. Anyway, besides people donating tattoo money, we also had some people stopping by our booth for a little chat, showing their support. It may not look like I was paying attention, but I was, people. I’m a great listener, especially when sitting on the ground looking like shit. You guys are great. And my Dad loved it. I can immediately tell when he’s enjoying himself. He gets confident and starts to act like god (which he thinks he is 80% of the time). Dear Dad, you are not him, and NO, you can’t smoke a cigarette in your booth! I sound like I care, but my first reaction was to take a picture. Kids these days..

We also heard some super exciting great amazing news! But, it’s a secret. Ha-ha.

So I guess that’s it. I will now continue in telling a story about how I think I lost my passport, but I’m not sure because I haven’t unpacked my bag yet. It’s a short story and it’s called: Memory Loss.

You see, cheap vodka isn’t always the answer guys, it never is. But actually it always is when you are on a budget. And by budget, I mean broke. We started day 1 in McDonald’s, and unfortunately ended day 1 in McDonald’s. Somewhere in between that, we drank beers and listened to a Belgium dude talking about Racism in Belgium. I remember him being totally into this lecture he was giving us, talking about north and south, non racist and racist. But all I could think of, was how disgusting my beer was. A couple of minutes after that we were standing in front of this 4 story high wooden Christmas three. You could say we had a very confusing night.

Day 2 was fun. The pasta lady at the convention was telling us stories. Too bad it was in french. I don’t speak french, unless i’m drunk. In the evening we went for dinner at a Tex-Mex restaurant, where I was annoying not only myself, but also everyone surrounding me. Making up a joke and continuing to laugh about for about 40 minutes is not funny at all. Eventually we went back to our even cheaper vodka. There’s a vague memory of us having an intense conversation about the universe, or Hitler. Or something intellectual like that. Two hours later we accidentally stumbled upon some sort of rock bar. Beer was extremely cheap, so it wasn’t a complete surprise we ended up drunk in the Quick burger 3 hours later. Turns out we never bought something. Only thing I do remember is my friend laying on the floor of this night shop in search of 50 cents and asking for garlic cheese. Great night, huge hangover.

So, anyone who took the time to read that bunch of crap, surely has enough time on their hands to spread the cause. Or to become a member of the Blue Bone Society, or to donate money. Or whatever you do best. Every social network is overflowing with awesome drawings (after ‘Free texas from her lack of tattoos’ we should definitely do a ‘Free texas from having plain walls’ benefit) Anyway, I want my whatever I lost at the museum back. And i’m pretty sure my dad wants his collection back. I mean, he’s God for Christ sake.

Oh, and I didn’t loose my passport. I did loose my dogs leash. Funny, cause I left my dog at Louise for the weekend.


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