Letter from Henk Schiffmacher

atm-logoDear comrades at arms,

Things are very much on their way. Every minute, every hour is filled with progression, support, donations, accusations, bad and good news. It is what the elite troops of H.M. Royal SAS call: “It is rather lively!”. I freely use the quote because of my family connection with this corps to the late Jerry Walters a.k.a. Permanent Dad, “who dares wins”. Enough popular talk, next to an update. I’d like to answer first a few of the questions that raise. One and most asked: what the fuck is happening? Why? What went wrong? How come? Therefore I will update you all with videos. The first one will come up in a few hours!! 

Henk ‘Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher

Henk Schiffmacher

Henk Schiffmacher

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