What Happened?

atm-logoDear comrades!

First of all we are overwhelmed by the support we’re receiving from all over the world!! We can’t thank you enough. Here’s a little history about the museum. What happened and how come it is like it is now.

Henk’s been collecting tattoo related stuff for over 35 years, he knows a lot about the history and is very passionate about the legacy. Especially nowadays, when about everyone can buy a tattoo machine from the Internet and start tattooing without knowing shit… 

After the closing of a small museum in the Red Light District, Henk still had the wish to show the whole collection to the public. By coincidence he met a woman, Madame Jeannette, who had made a small fortune with a reintegration company. She needed a place to put people, who’d been unemployed for a long time, to work. The idea of a cooperation was born. With the profits of her company she would pay the rent (for the first 10 years) and the salaries. In return the museum would provide working places for people in her project. That’s how her company would make money. Due to a lack of time and in good trust we started building the museum without making a contract. By the opening of the museum last year, the economy had gone bad and the political climate had changed. No more money was put into reintegration projects and the company was making hardly any money. All the profits of the museum were going to her company so  she could pay the rent and salaries. Of course this was not enough. It’s a museum.. Bills were not paid and the tension got worse. Small discussions turned into bigger ones and the fact that there still wasn’t a solid contract didn’t help either. In the meantime board members left, some just gave up because of the nasty negotiations and personal accusations. At one point, the new board of the foundation Amsterdam Tattoo Museum decided to end the cooperation with Madame Jeannette’s company, Partners aan het Werk. The unpleasant way the meetings went had a lot to do with this decision. Then, last week we received a letter from madame Jeannette that told us we were all banned from the building: Henk, Louise, his kids, the board, his employees and crew. Apart from this we were given 14 days to get the collection out of the museum.

What will happen now? We’re negotiating with several parties. The most important is to get Henk’s collection back. We hope we can stay at the Plantage Middenlaan but there is a chance we have to look for a new building. One thing is sure: we need money. To continue by ourselves in our old building or to build a new museum somewhere else in Amsterdam.

We have faith we can do it. Especially we’ve seen the worldwide support from the tattoo family. This is really enormous! There are lots of donations, small and big, people who make t-shirts, auction art work and machines, organize a day of tattooing for the museum and other benifit events. It’s crazy! We’ll put a list on our website of all the people donating and organizing. If you miss something or organizing an event to raise some money yourself let us know!

Thank you all so much for everything, all the support, donations & offered help.

Hope to welcome you all soon in our museum.

The ATM crew

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11 Responses to What Happened?

  1. Eric Perfect says:

    Thanks for the update, we here at Kadillac Tattoo Deuce are and have been doing our part from day one, me(Eric Perfect) and Mike Hooligan will be doing a benefit this Saturday and donating 100% of the money earned from that day to the museum, I know there are a bunch of others organizing as we speak to do the same so that list will be a long one!!

  2. Jesse McKay says:

    Reblogged this on Randomness.

  3. Doc Duhon says:

    Let me know how we can help. Palm Springs Piercing Company.

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  5. John C says:

    I don’t know much about Dutch law to be honest, but I would suggest that if you’re looking to raise money, something like http://www.kickstarter.com/ might be appropriate. Or even just seeking some professional legal advice relating to business partnerships and paying an accountant to handle the donations.

    I think the museum is a wonderful thing, and a good cause to fight for, but I personally would be nervous about donating to a project like this without a clearly defined business plan with legal recognition.

    I work for a charity and we often take donations, if a project gets cancelled we can’t just keep the money, because the people making donations could sue us. After all they are donating towards a specific cause, not just giving us money to spend on whatever we like. The refunding of donations can be a costly exercise, however if you ask people making donations to agree to a few select terms and conditions, you can likely waive any legal concerns and concentrate on making the best tattoo museum in the world.

    I hope you take this comment in the friendly way it is intended and I pray that the tattoo museum in Amsterdam soon finds a friendly home!

    • tattoomuseum says:

      Hi John,
      Thank you for the advice!
      I understand you’re worrying about donating without a clear plan.
      One thing is sure, this project is not going to be cancelled. There are two solutions: one is to stay in the building where we are now, the other one is to find a new building. For both we need money.
      The last days we spend a lot of time of figuring out how much we need and how we are going to get there.
      Please give us a little more time, as soon as we have specific goals we’ll post them on our blog and website!
      Greets, Tessa

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